Golf Course Landscaping

golf course landscaping

A golf course that is maintained well has a flawless grass surface. To use plants to create such a perfect surface takes a lot of planning and hard work but the end result is absolute perfection.

Let us explain how we craft and take care of the grass surfaces at Green Valley Floyd in Sioux City. With patience and persistent hard work, we believe that we have created one of the finest golf courses with the help of Landscape Design Davenport.

Building the green starts by digging a hole that is the size and shape of the green and twelve to sixteen inches deep (thirty to forty centimeters). In advanced systems such as ours, plastic is used to line the hole and then covered with gravel, drainage pipes, and sand. What we create is a hydroponic system to grow the grass in sterile sand with ideal drainage. When the green is contoured, the surface allows for perfect drainage and no puddling of rainwater.

Placement of the green is also important. We always choose locations with no surrounding trees, full sunlight and unrestricted flow of air.

And, the grass needs to be perfect for each part of the course. The wrong kind of grass will make a golf course dull, ugly and lifeless. The right choice of grass or grasses brings the course to life. We take our time researching and testing to make sure that the golf courses we build have the ideal glass for their climate and location.

Choosing the ideal location for a green and starting with a sterile sand base helps prevent lots of problems. But, the grass needs to be tended to maintain its perfection. This means a steady supply of water and nutrients necessary for healthy grass. Herbicides are used to keep weeds out of the perfect grass carpet. We use pesticides to avoid insect damage to the beautiful grass surface. And, we add fungicides to prevent and control diseases. The end result is a perfect grass surface and a thing of beauty.

To keep our grass healthy and beautiful we focus on maintenance. Every day we mow our greens with a precision mower specifically designed for golf course greens. We routinely fertilize, apply necessary chemicals, aerate, water, and baby our greens to maintain their perfection.

It is a lot of work to maintain a gorgeous golf course but we are proud of what we do and happy to do the work. We hope you found this interesting and hope to see you on our links!